Mahora Vadim on the top of Sagrada Familia

Mahora Vadim is a Russian young skywalker fan or urban climbing, a discipline that involves climbing tall buildings unprotected, Leer más

Gaudí, landscape pinter and one of the first recycling conscious person

It’s well known that Gaudi was an enthusiastic of the Nature. Is one of his best known facets. What probably is not known is that the architect can be considered to be one of the first conscious recycling person, since any type of material was re-using in his works.
The mosaic «trencadís» that adorns the Park Güell and other many Gaudinian buildings were done using defective tiles that the architect was gathering from the nearby factories of ceramics as the Pujol and Bausis. Leer más

The Sagrada Familia History

The Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia was an idea of a bookseller, Josep María Bocabella, literate and devoted man who in 1866 founded the Asociación Espiritual de Devotos de San José (Spiritual Association of Devotees of St. Joseph), Leer más

The Torre Bellesguard designed by Gaudi, will open to the public

Barcelona will gain in September a new visitable modernist monument, the Tower Bellesguard. This Antoni Gaudí’s most singular work, located to the feet of the Tibidabo Mountain, will offer daily visits for the first time in his long history, both to his gardens and to the interior. Leer más

Mass tourism is damaging the Park Güell

Mass tourism is damaging the Park Güell. Thousands of people enter here daily without any form of control. Leer más

Centenary of Palacio Astorga

On the 25th of May of 2013, the Pope’s Nuncio in Spain, Renzo Fratini, will inaugurate the events organized on the occasion of the centenary of the Episcopal Palace of Astorga, work of Antonio Gaudí and one of only three monuments that the Catalan architect designed outside of Cataluña. Leer más

Doodle de Google

The Internet search engine Google dedicated its logo or “Doodle” to the day Antoni Gaudí was born, June 26, to mark the 161 anniversary of his birth. Leer más